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BeastEon factions preview

There has been another world in Europa – nothing like any now-living creature have ever seen. A paradise governed by god-like creatures, whose power knew no boundaries. But this world is no more. Epochs changed, memories blurred, and even myths now are but a bleak shade, unable to describe those prehistoric wonders. Only the ancient relics still hold a glimpse of glory lost and forgotten. Cyclopean ruins, towering above the ever-changing lands, keep secrets well-hidden. Deep within those ruins a pulse of mystical energy still beats, forcing Europa to abide the Laws, written before times of men – in the Age of Primordial Wonder.  

Countless eons have passed since that long-gone age, and by these Laws countless times have Europa reshaped itself. Mountains became plains and rivers started to run backwards. Frozen tundras were overrun by thick woods, which in their turn were consumed by fire-breathing deserts. There’s nothing constant in Europa, and it seems it was never intended to be otherwise. Each time when eon is coming to its end, the great metamorphosis takes place, renewing the face of the world. Such is the Laws of Primordial Wonder which are beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal. Only the Administratum, the Eternal Order of Magi, direct descendants of the Primordials, hold keys to the ancient engines of Europa. Their understanding of the Laws is great and it positions them far above even the mightiest of the Beast Lords. But never was that power used to establish a reign over people of Europa.

As the Administratum, enclosed and secretive, watches over Europa from the sky-high towers, the Warlock-Rovers roam the lands, always willing to buy and sell anything, including sacred knowledge and ancient secrets. Little is known about the Warlock-Rovers origin and motives. Some say, they are the Administratum counterpart, the order of same age and roots, which once parted ways with Magi. Others say that Warlock-Rovers are disguised outlanders, craving to possess all of Europa’s secrets. Whatever the truth might be, one thing is certain: Warlock-Rovers and Administratum are not enemies. Not allies also, but rather neutrals, showing each other respect but always avoiding meeting face to face.

In this ever-changing world, balance is the key to all things. Unmatched variety of creatures inhabits Europa, from tiny as a fingernail up to a gigantic as a mountain. This complicated system hangs in fragile equilibrium – and any blow powerful and brutal enough may cause havoc and chaos. The third powerful faction of Europa – Sentinels of the Wyld keeps their guard on all the world’s eco-systems. Relentless and fierce in their duty, Sentinels spread thin through the land leaving no spot off their watchful eye. It is no secret that they matured much later than The Administratum. Moreover, their disaffection to each other is no secret either – despite it never has grown to an open rivalry yet.

As eons pass, altering the landscapes, nothing in Europa stays the same. And this perpetual change is the most constant thing in the world. Living in these wondrous times, the beasts and their keepers stalk the realm, always to find something new, always on the brink. For they withstand the dawn of a new Age – The Age of Discovery!