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Posted at 2016-08-24 06:23:32 — Link

I am Sun_Showers. Female, 21. Not always of a sunny disposition, but often a calm and polite one.
I am an artist for fun. This site is the first time my work has really been in a public area for people other than friends and family to see. I have made a thread for my work here.
As much as my skins being appreciated means to me, that's not why I'm here.

I'm here to thank you.
I started playing in June.
Less than two months experience, then thrust into an event. Collect 100 randomly generated butterflies to get a strong, cool and beautiful pet. With my lack of not only experience, but also buildings and strong pets I started to get upset at my lack of progress in this event. I would frequently be defeated in explore and never know if there were any butterflies to collect there in the first place. I couldn't complete silver or gold quests because I didn't have any pets they asked for.
It had become clear I couldn't do this.
Frustrated, I made a grumpy little post complaining I didn't even have an Inn or Portal Branch, two buildings I had heard other people mention as being useful for this sort of thing. I had pretty much given up. Then something amazing happened.

People started helping me.

I was given the blueprints by one person, another gave me almost every material I needed to build those two buildings, plus pets to build them. Another gave me 5 butterflies and a unicorn to help explore.
I was shown the "Temp Trades for Quests" thread, so I could start to earn butterflies (and silver) from quests.
People lending me wonderful things and trusting me to give them back unharmed. I do give them back, of course, but the level of trust that requires...
I was advised to check pet trades for cheap GP3 pets to explore with, I found three beautiful Lykos for all in all about 12,000 silver. One had Acute Eyesight and Tireless Heart.
With them I found the last 3 hops I needed, and I built my Inn and Portal branch. I even had a Traveling Magician Invite from exploring.
So I offered to return the GP3 Lykos and Throdama I was lent to build them.

They said I could keep them.

When I started I thought it would be ages before I could even HAVE Lykos and Throdama. I was so happy when I found my first Throdama in the pound. I have managed to buy and breed GP1 Throdama but to just be given such strong and beautiful pets as a gift... I'm so amazed.
So I had accidentally made a collection of GP3 Lykos. (In my second month playing, I may remind you.)
Aiming to expand my accidental collection into a purposeful one, I contacted someone on the "Temp Trades" thread about a pet in their "For Sale" tab. Another GP3 Lykos with Acute Eyesight and Tireless Heart. They told me that it was a mistake she was in that tab, and she was not for sale. But they asked why I wanted to buy them. I told them, just as I told you above. I logged on today to find that Lykos in my stable. Sitting there, in my possession. Free. The former owner told me next time I make an offer on someone's pet, to say why I wanted it upfront.


I realized something then. I'm not mad if I can't get enough butterflies for a unique event pet. I wanted it because it was strong and cool and beautiful but... In trying to obtain it, I've found so many other strong and cool and beautiful pets. People giving me their work and effort to make me happy. Shrugging and saying "This amazing pet you look up to? Sure, keep it, it's yours." Like it's nothing.

Alice, Alastair, Lydia, Arabelle, Frosthildr, Zubeneschamali

These are my unique event pets.

Everyone. Thank you.

Edit: That unicorn I was given along with the butterflies? Well the owner let me keep that one too. Bray is now one of my pets too. Oh, and thanks to offering to make custom skins for Cat's Eyes, I did end up getting the Kami.
Hello Auxo.
(I didn't think you couldn't rename them, by the way. Well, she'll always be Alexandrite to me.)

~My Skins~

I keep my thread in creative up to date. Please check it out if you want to see and critique the custom skins I've made.

~My Experience During My First Event: A Thank You~

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Posted at 2016-08-24 07:52:07 — Link

Well, this is just so beautifully written. And I really mean that. l'm so glad you've had such an amazing experience with the event. And this post reminds me of one thing, yeah it's amazing to get that cool Kami, but what's really awesome about events are the people you meet. I really do hope you get the Kami, you do deserve it. 

  • Nytha
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Posted at 2016-08-24 18:40:08 — Link

Agreed with both of you - the community and the writing are both wonderful!

  • Truffula
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Posted at 2016-08-25 09:19:53 — Link

Stunning!  I'm a new player too (Member Since: Jul 25, 2016), I have managed to make most of my buildings (not an inn though), but I have to commend everyone in the quest help thread - they were so kind and generous with sharing pets for quest!  I was so worried when I lent out my pets to help others with quests, but there was no need, every one of them was returned <3


What a great community this game has.  Very well said, Sun_Showers.



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Posted at 2016-08-25 12:01:19 — Link

Yeah, I love the community here. :)

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Posted at 2016-08-25 20:04:30 — Link

Aww. I'm happy that you've had such a wonderful experience with the community. What a nice way to thank them. I recal my frist few events- They always seemed to happen when I was at my busiest in life. People were more than happy to assist where they could, and I was happy to return the favor. 

I've met some good friends here and they have carried over to other sites. I must say, how this community works together for events is quite heartening. :)

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Posted at 2016-08-26 20:50:05 — Link

*Tiny Tim smile* God bless us, every one :3

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Random acts of senseless kindness.

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