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When I go exploring, I tend to eat snacks to pass the time, so I only have one hand free. This means that to check a monsters level I have to take my hand from the keyboard to the mouse, mouse over the monster, than put my hand back on the mouse. Everytime there's a new monster revealed on the island. It's kinda disruptive.

So I thought, maybe monsters could display their level above them when you are in the tile adjacent to them? That's where you're usually standing when you first see them, right?

Also, I need to scroll up to check my pets level, beacuse of course I want to compare it to the monster's level. I can't see the bottom of the island and my pet's level at the same time. (This goes for energy too.) Now that I have a few pets above level 10, I realize the island is only going to get bigger, so I'll have to scroll up higher. (It also bugs me that it moves the exploration log to the right. And when it extends fully I have to scroll down to read it.)

Could your pets level and energy be somewhere on the explore page? Maybe even attack stats (bite, blow, rush)?

Could the exporation log be shorter, and consistently placed?

Thank you for your time, and thank you for BeastKeeper.

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